Photo: dpa Tanks Type 59

China is making self-driving cars of old tanks, developed on the basis of the Soviet T-54. They will be equipped with artificial intelligence.

China was first shown on public television in its unmanned tanks, writes the Chinese newspaper Global Times. We are talking about modernized and equipped with artificial intelligence tanks Type 59, based on the Soviet T-54 and produced in the fifties at the eighties.

According to the military, China was released a sufficient number of tanks for such upgrades, and they are still in good condition. However, as stressed by the Global Times, “until the moment when the unmanned tanks will be able to match the combat power of classical models, have to solve many technical problems.”

In March 2017 in China was approved the highest military budget in the history of the country. It amounted to 142 billion euros . However, the increase in defense spending to seven percent is the lowest figure for the past twenty years.

The modernization of the armed forces involves downsizing the military personnel at 300 thousand people. Despite this, the PLA is the largest army in the world with about two million people.

According to a study presented recently by the Berlin Institute MERICS involved in the study of modern Chinese politics, the PLA is ready for action far beyond the borders of the country. For decades, Beijing has declared a policy of non-alignment. Now, the authors of the study, China intends to actively participate in the creation of a world security system.

Earlier, the European aircraft manufacturing concern Airbus showed a video of the first flight, air taxi, developed in the framework of the project Vahana.