Photos: Zhengzhou Municipal Government Discovered the ancient capital of Halwa in China

At the site discovered the notes in the form of the Big dipper, which testifies to the astronomical knowledge of the ancient culture.

In China on the site Xuanhuai Henan province found the remains of the capital of the ancient Kingdom HELO. Archaeologists believe that this city was at the origin of the Chinese civilization. It is reported by the CGTN.

This is the first such discovery in that region. The ancient town is situated on the South Bank of the yellow river and is surrounded by three defensive trenches. Scientists believe that the city was called Gongs.

At the site discovered notes from clay in the shape of the constellation URSA major, which gives an idea of the astronomical knowledge of ancient people. Also found the Tusk of a wild boar with a picture of a spider-silk.

Scientists believe that discovered, the city became a key concept for the development of future dynasties.



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Also the Correspondent wrote that the found the oldest evidence of Homo sapiens in Europe.

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