Photo: Socal merezhi In China conducted a satellite data transmission

Data transmission was carried out using quantum encryption.

China has implemented the world’s first quantum relay of satellite data. The signal from the satellite “Mo Tzu” was received at two ground stations to Xinglong in Hebei province and Nanshan near Urumqi in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region, reports Xinhua news Agency.

It is reported that the data transfer process distance between the satellite and the station ranged from 645 to 1,200 kilometers. The specialists say that 10 minutes that the satellite flies over the territory of China, can deliver 300 kilobits of encoded information.

By 2030, China may set up a communication network on the basis of quantum data transmission. This network will be able to ensure complete confidentiality in the transmission of information, and will also be resistant to break-ins .

In addition, through a communications network can make phone calls safe and reliable transmission of various information, including banking.