During the work in the province Hanani the builders stumbled upon an ancient tomb. Arrived on the scene, archaeologists found two mummies inside. As it turned out, the body had lain in the tomb for over 500 years. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

As it was established
representatives of the scientific world, the tomb was decorated inside with marble and on the inside
two crystal coffins with the bodies of men and women. According to preliminary
data is the body of official GU Zuo and his wife, who lived in the Ming dynasty.

Moreover, managed
to identify that the clothing of the deceased is preserved in an excellent condition, and all the precious
left the outline of the tomb before the arrival of the researchers.

Previously, in Egypt, found the 4-meter mummy of the terrible deity Sobek .

A noteworthy finding
was a huge 4-meter mummy of the Egyptian God Sobek water, which
represented a huge crocodile, with all the honors placed in the appropriate
hall. This discovery was a new impetus for the study of the cults of deities in
modern Egyptology.