At 87 years of age passed away Gennady Rozhdestvensky. Cancer. Died in a hospice. For the Soviet Empire to the world of music is a legendary figure. But new times, new manners, and the message about the death of the Maestro stayed in the top Yandex, God forbid, a half-hour, then disappeared… But the joke is that Gennady sprouted roots in the Russian musical fabric, having celebrated everywhere, therefore his name softly, without pathos — more will pop up here and there for a very long time. Was colorful, large-scale, could Supreme secret about music literally mash with hands, that few people, well, tough course.


It is always very difficult, knowing a lot about a person, to filter the stream of consciousness at the time of his departure. Every episode of his life,… a Grand victory or a deafening scandal. But he lived freely and cheerfully for the service of the music and again her. One . And as a non-partisan, was gifted with as much as possible and the title of people’s artist, Lenin and winning, and the title of Hero of socialist labor. And received from the Soviet authorities, on the one hand, slap with the other — thanks.

Of course, the people dedicated to the music of religion, will remember his high-profile departure from the Orchestra of all-Union radio and Central television, the current BSO Chaykovskiy, where Christmas worked from 1961 to 1974. There are several versions of what happened, but the most reliable remains for authorship of the Christmas. He was summoned by the then “great and terrible” President radio and television Sergei Lapin and politely pointed out that from the BSO in recent years, cases of emigration of Jews overseas. And according to this “only 42 people” — most of these persons of Jewish nationality — was supposed to fire.

With the Christmas have cited the details of her conversation with laminim that to invent is simply impossible: “Well, not all of You are disciplined? — Gently purred Lapin. — Isn’t it? Who was late for a rehearsal, someone talking during a rehearsal, but then, not all are impeccably played, huh? But I’m sorry, that’s entirely Your purview, I, as the saying goes, “Copenhagen” (chuckle). Yes… So someone was late, someone was talking, and You give us a report a little note — so and so, and what to do next we will somehow figure it out, that’s not Your concern… Yes.”

…Then another Christmas slipped anonimoose in the name of the same Lapin that BSO is “the Zionist center” with complete disregard for Russian musicians. And it was serious not hitting on musicians, but personally at the conductor. Well, the upshot was that Christmas of orchestra left. No one is dismissing. Did without him. However, in the work book emphasized gratitude “for faultless service”. Apparently, it worked only on Christmas. With his incredible cosmic presence.

But in addition to BSO was bright flashes of float with the Bolshoi theatre, the relatively recent disagreements concerning his management of the theatre Pokrovsky, some personal things from the series — from someone who whose child, many things simply can not write. But this domestic side of things. It is all big personalities are about the same. You all to please, to humor — lose yourself.

…And I remember how he entered the archway of “Helikon-Opera” — with pride, but not proud, dignified but not snobbish, mischievous smile, Comique, but while possessing a ton of aristocratic dignity. He loved to be an actor on the stage. But! Exactly to the moment until it become to the console. How can this be? — You ask. But the fact that briefly, 15-20 minutes on Christmas loved to tell the audience about the music had to perform. And, my God, he talked! Probably, Gogol himself at this moment was awakened in him, because his every word as cake after a long post-very rushed in my mouth. He caressed the ear. Hell was not some kind of musicological analysis. But the tale, this simple and intriguing. The word rang. Later this style was adopted by other conductors, but forgive, charm to Maestro they and a tenth not up… And, standing at the console, the word evaporated. And then there was already a musical epic, which is now remembered — alas, sadly his colleagues.

— The unspeakable gift I received, working with Gennady “Makropulos” — says people’s artist Natalia Zagorinskaya, the soloist of “Helikon-Opera”, laureate of “Golden Mask”, sang the role of Emilia Marty in the premiere of “the Makropulos case” by Janacek at the console stood Christmas, and even then did not realize from this phenomena, but then — it was a lot to listen to records, went to his concerts. Rediscovered it. Found that this is some kind of genius who uniquely hears the music.

— Here very precisely: speaking of the conductor, we must first talk about the HEARING.

— Of course, because very few are in this sound religion. Before the show, before we cooked it with the assistant, and then came Christmas. And there was a feeling that give you wings. You’re on stage, you have something Neocene, terribly excited, tremble, but it all goes away in one fell swoop, because it gives meaning. Sense. In his hands, his face was not merely engaging music, but its creation — that is, visible, tangible! His hands holding the pause, hold all of us, the whole world. And I felt for once in my life — that’s the “air cushion” when I left all excess, all unnecessary, all the little things, left the essence. He saw it all perfectly — what a singer can, and what is not. But treated very positively, not crushing, but lifting you to incredible heights…

— That is, was the conductor…

— Yes! The question of higher knowledge: he knows. And we don’t know. He heard the inner life of each voice in the orchestra, you know? Not the timing, when everything is according to Hoyle, and he heard the variety, the voices, heard the will of everyone, not suppressed, but were weaved together! Each instrument in his symphonies he lived a full life. It was like the universe. It hit. That’s listening to a different conductor, I think — “Well, the music.” And Gennady Nikolaevich was not music, but life.

— He gave a hand to the listener, and was not fenced off the wall.

— With him everything was moving, was juicy. And his choice of repertoire? I remember sitting in the hall and listened to one long piece with him behind the Board, so he enjoyed every sentence — not in a hurry. Stood and enjoyed the wild beauty of this “long, boring music”, and in his hands it was not boring. This slowness admired. Affordable, humane, clear.

…At the time Christmas pulled a lot not previously performed music was launched into a high orbit Poulenc, Orff, Britten, Gubaidullin, Sibelius, Schnittke, Janacek. Many. On anything and focuses Denis Matsuev:

— I worship this legendary man with its absolutely unique individual style and intelligence, which is simply amazing. Magic in every word, every gesture. And it is important to note how he — that was not easy in those days, — promoted unfairly unplayed music of different styles, different genres, both ancient and modern. And the mission of the discoverer he was loyal almost to the last days. And when they leave are people who care, the relationship with the great guru of the twentieth century, which spoke of Christmas, and he himself was a guru in all respects.

Conductor Alexander Sladkovsky continues the theme of the musical heritage of the Maestro:

— I remember well their childhood experiences — those Bruckner’s cycles, which he did, and in this sense its role is invaluable — not only as conductor but as an educator. Still grateful to him for these “universities” — for concerts, programs, lectures. It was an absolute breakthrough at the time — the music of Edison Denisov, Alfred Schnittke, foreign authors… He, in my opinion, the first or one of the first played Prokofiev’s Third Symphony, widely unknown before. Giant heritage…

And like you said its purely conducting manner?

— A completely enchanting manner, which was folded so many legends. He really trusted the musicians, and with them a little rehearsed, as if to say — “if you do not learned, it’s your problem”. Everything in his life was treated with some irony. And being ready himself, he relied on the fact that the musicians are conscious. I am a supporter of a different direction, as you know. He played music, did it brilliantly, but with this method it was impossible to think about a breakthrough in the orchestra, which is at a low level. But his intelligence, incredible knowledge, passion for education ignited the fire in many. And now any musician is very upset with this profound loss…