Christos Pourgourides
Frame: DW

The acclaimed film-investigation “Deutsche Welle” about the disappeared politicians.

16 December, “the German wave” have released the film-the confession of ex-soldiers “death squad” Yuri Gaevskogo.

In the film, he argues that in 1999-2003 he was a fighter SWAT and on orders from above together with colleagues kidnapped and killed opponents of Lukashenko’s regime — the former Minister of internal Affairs of Belarus Yury Zakharanka, former head of the Central election Commission Viktar Hanchar and businessman Anatol Krasouski.

In the spring and in the fall of 1999, these three people have gone missing. The investigation into their disappearances in Belarus to the end has not been notified. In 2004, the special Rapporteur of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) Christos Pourgourides, after examining all the circumstances, concluded that Zakharanka, Hanchar and Krasouski were kidnapped and killed by fighters under the command of Colonel Dmitry Pavlichenko with the consent of the government.

“The case will be closed only when it is conducted properly investigated and it will be clear what happened to these people. It is impossible that these abductions and murders have occurred without consent, to put it mildly, very, very senior officials. When I say this, that I am talking about Lukashenka,” said Christos Pourgourides in the movie “the German wave”.