The Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine – chief military Prosecutor Viktor Chumak, commenting on the formation of lists for the expected exchange of detainees between Ukraine and the Russian Federation, said that in terms of undeclared war may not be “absolute purity” in the political and legal decisions.

“Can’t be “absolute purity” in the political-legal decisions in the conditions of undeclared war. Only strong people are able to make unpopular decisions. We, as a nation, need to learn to “love their children more than hate his enemies.” These are not my words. Said Golda Meir,” – wrote a parody on the Facebook page on Saturday.

Later, responding to the words of Facebook users that such decisions are a disgrace and disrespectful to the families of the victims on the Maidan, Chumak added that “survive the shame for tens of those people who go back home.

As reported, today the Kyiv appeal court is the complaint of protection of the former “Berkut” Paul Abroskin and Sergey Zinchenko and Oleg Janiszewski, accused in the shooting of protesters in the revolution of Dignity on Instytutska street on 20 February 2014 on the extension to them of the detention.

Prosecutor Sergei Kuts at the hearing confirmed that former employees of special division “Berkut” accused of the shootings on the Maidan are listed on the exchange, transfers the Internet-the edition “Hromadske”.

So, prosecutors are asking to change the measure of restraint for ex-Berkut officers, as they are listed on the exchange.

It is noted that at the trial of Stubby read a letter from the attorney General of Ryaboshapka Ruslan, in which he demands the release of the accused from detention centers.

On 23 December, the online edition of “Hromadske” reported, citing its sources that the Ukrainian side plans to transfer in the exchange held in ORDA individuals former employees of special division “Berkut” accused of shooting people in Central Kiev February 20, 2014.