As it became known, to the drivers who were at the time of the incident near the car owners of the tiger, managed to capture on video enchanting escape of the animal, desired freedom, reports “Russian conversation”.

According to the information published on the Internet, clearly visible from the tiger jumps out of standing in traffic the car and headed leisurely pace on the road between other cars. In addition, the animal is missing the muzzle.

The owner striped the car from popping up after your pet and trying to catch a tiger by the leash fastened to the collar, but the predator resists and does not want to go back to the car, which recently made a desperate escape.

It should be noted that according to preliminary data, the tiger belongs to the touring in the city of Ivanovo circus.

In law enforcement on this bill said that the police in the prescribed manner of the registered information that is recorded on video and on this account will be verified.

“The information included in the video, posted on the Internet, registered in the manner prescribed by law, the police are checking,” – said the official representatives of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia across the Ivanovo region.

Earlier, the “Russian conversation” told readers about the walk of the famous Moscow animal trainer Edgar zapashnogo, accompanied by the tiger, which is famous tamer visited one of the capital’s shopping centers.