The man came early in the morning in the saloon of the city of Mezhdurechensk with the animal and tried to go inside. He had a conflict with other customers in the bar, not excited by the presence of the dog.

As reported
“Russian conversation” witnesses
tell a few visitors troubled by the fact that dog fighting
breed was without a muzzle and leash, and expressed their dissatisfaction to the man,
holding the dog by the collar.

word – happened a skirmish. According to preliminary
version, a man came to the bar already
intoxicated and wished to drink, but at that moment happened

When the arguments
over, the man released the Rottweiler and ordered the dog to attack visitors
with whom he quarreled, and he quietly went outside.

Fighting dog
rushed them and not bitten. On the scene called the staff
Regardie. The dog was so furious that he had to shoot .

Militiamen note that bites
the Rottweiler suffered a man and a woman. The security forces managed to successfully apprehend
the owner of the dog when he tried to log in to your entryway.

When resguardar tried to detain
man, he resisted. It was defused with the help of handcuffs. As
it appeared, 28-the summer local resident has previously been repeatedly convicted.