Photo: NTV fewer Ukrainians want to get Russian passports

The number of Ukrainian citizens wishing to obtain a Russian passport, has decreased slightly.

Russia in the first quarter of 2019 has granted citizenship to almost 19 thousand Ukrainians. This is stated in the statistics on the migration situation of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

In particular, in January-March 18 894 thousand Ukrainians were granted citizenship of the Russian Federation (adopted, restored, recognized). Also during this period the decision is made to results 14 742 thousand residence permits for Ukrainians. In total now in Russia resides at the residence, 169 356 thousand Ukrainians.

In addition, citizens of Ukraine in the first quarter got 14 thousand 972 temporary residence permit in Russia, while living in the present time for such permits in Russia 151 87 thousand Ukrainians.

In January-March 2018 the Russian citizenship were 19.4 thousand citizens of Ukraine.

Recall, for the entire 2018 Russia has granted citizenship to thousands of Ukrainians 83. Then it was reported that the number of Ukrainians wishing to obtain a Russian passport, declining for the third year in a row.

As you know, on April 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on simplified obtaining Russian passports to the residents of certain districts of Luhansk and Donetsk regions of Ukraine.

Putin explained that the decision to provide a simplified procedure citizenship of the Russian Federation Ukrainian residents of Donbass is of a purely humanitarian nature, “because the situation can no longer be tolerated”.

The foreign Ministry of Ukraine said that Kiev does not recognize the laws on simplified granting Russian citizenship to Ukrainians.

And Deputy Minister on issues of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons Yury Grymchak said that Ukraine will be able to identify the citizens who have Russian passports. Earlier he said that the residents of Donbass, who will receive a Russian passport, you need to deprive the Ukrainian and foreign passports of Ukraine.

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