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EKATERINBURG, April 6. /TASS/. Deputy head of administration of Yekaterinburg on capital construction Alexey Belyshev called the youngest district of Yekaterinburg “Academic” one of the main projects of complex development of territory on which the government relies in the General plan of city development until 2035. It is reported portal akademekb.ru.

“The list includes three projects, which also includes “Sunny” and “Northern crown”. Can join them developing area “Novokoltsovsky” – the administration hopes that it will be the same scale”, – stated in the message.

“The total number of those projects that we are considering in the scope of the provisions of the General Plan-2035 – about a hundred. These territories range in size, which are at different stages of implementation,” quoted the online words Belyshev .

The project of complex development of territory “Academic” began to implement s 2007 in the South-West of Yekaterinburg, the Russian developer – group of companies “kortros is a management” (before rebranding in March 2013 – the development company “Renova-StroyGroup”). Territory the CAT is 1.3 thousand hectares. the area of the “Sunny” – 362 hectares, the project is implemented since 2013. “Northern crown” with an area of 120 hectares to implement have not started.


The Academic district is the largest urban project in Europe. On an area of 1.3 thousand hectares of built area, which will house more than 325 thousand inhabitants. The volume of housing is 9 million square meters, the volume of social and commercial infrastructure – 4.2 million sq m, the construction will continue until 2025.

“Academic” is the number of experimental investment projects of complex development of territory, the government of the Russian Federation in the program of state support of housing construction. The urban planning concept of the district was awarded the “Silver diploma” of the XIV International festival “Zodchestvo-2006”, where were presented the best architectural works of 2004-2006.

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