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World news: the Unification of the cities of southern Europe, which includes 14 cities committed to the fight against mass tourism.

Associations and groups of activists from 14 southern European cities have created a network to combine efforts in the fight against mass tourism. About the beginning of their activities, they said at a special press conference in Barcelona, reports “European true” with reference to Euractiv.

The unification of the cities of southern Europe called “SET network” plans to hold a joint protest to put pressure on the governments of their countries, which require “establishing the boundaries of the tourism industry” and even contribute to its “reduction”.

The first action of the network was to produce a Manifesto that condemns that mass tourism leads to an increase in housing prices, destroying local shops, creates low-wage jobs and additional environmental pollution .

At the moment the Association consists of 10 Spanish cities, including Madrid, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca and Lisbon Portuguese and Italian Venice. The network also includes the Spanish Canary Islands and Malta.

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Recently, cities across Europe have stepped up efforts to close the services for sharing housing, such as Airbnb, because they affect the growth of prices for the local population.

According to the world tourism organization, the number of tourists in the EU grew by 8.0% last year to 538 million people, accounting for 40% of world tourist flow.

We will remind, the resort town of Palma on the island of Mallorca became the first Spanish cities banning pass owners apartments apartments for tourists.