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Protest rally in Poltava




In Poltava a peaceful rally against the building escalated into clashes.

In Poltava near the arch on the street reunion had gathered to protest against the building, which later turned into clashes. There are victims and detainees.

About it reports a press-service of the Channel.

The rally started around 19:00. First, he had up to 50 people, then the number of protesters grew to 300.

The police said that the first protest action took place peacefully, people stood with posters and verbally complained. At one point between the representatives of private security firms and the protesters suddenly there was a fight.

The collision injured three people. One person was stabbed, another head injury, probably due to hitting with a wooden stick. Also injured patrol officer, most likely he has a broken nose.

All three victims were hospitalized .

Law enforcement officers arrested 8 most active participants of the rally on both sides, their personalities are established.

“To prevent the escalation of the conflict, intervened in the situation by the police. They divided the conflicting parties and continue to serve at the scene. With parties to the conflict conducted negotiations concerning termination of radical actions that threaten the life and health of surrounding citizens. At the moment there is no active opposition”, – said the police.