Clinton had access to top secret information of the state Department

Senator Chuck Grisly said that Clinton could use the information of the state Department.

The candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton could use the top secret information of the state Department during the election campaign of 2016. This was stated by Republican Senator Chuck Grisly, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

Clinton and her staff “was able to retain access (to classified information – if) even after it announced participation in the presidential campaign in April 2015, reports the Republican Senator from Iowa Chuck Gresle”, – said the Fox News channel.

He noted that “access was provided, ostensibly to help in the work of Clinton on his memoirs” after it in 2013 left the post of U.S. Secretary of state .

“I have repeatedly asked the state Department about whether the cancelled access, but the Obama administration refused to answer,” the channel quoted a statement by the Senator in a letter addressed to the current head of the state Department’s Rex Tillerson.

Fox News reports that Grisly member of the Senate judiciary Committee, “initiated the investigation”. He, in particular, motivated this step with that on 5 July of the current year, FBI Director James Comey stated that Clinton and her staff “are very carelessly treated very sensitive, top secret information”.

According to the channel, Grisly also claimed that he “has evidence of potential violations of the provisions concerning the treatment of confidential information”.

In the letter, the Senator asks the question Tillerson, conducted by the Department of state investigation against Clinton of providing secret information in violation of the rules.

“Otherwise it can create in society the impression that Clinton and her allies there is a special campaign,” the Senator said.

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