Vanessa Ferrari


MONTREAL /Canada/, 9 Oct. /TASS/. World championship in gymnastics, which ended on Sunday in Montreal, will go down in history of this sport as the tournament with the highest number of injuries in its participants. This opinion was expressed to journalists the head coach of Russian national team Andrey Rodionenko.

On the final day of competition was injured, the representative of South Korea’s Yang HAK Dream and Italian Vanessa Ferrari. At the beginning of the tournament because of injuries dropped out of the race favourites of the tournament Japanese Kohai of Uchimura and Romanian Larisa Iordache.

“So many injuries that have happened here during the world Cup, was never. All the injuries were not caused by the lack of training of the athletes themselves, and dezorganizatsionnogo moments of the world Cup,” – said Rodionenko .

“Many teams are faced here with acclimatization problems due to the lack of sufficient time for adaptation, – continued the head coach. Here we have not had a single day to adapt. The next day after arrival was training, and during the peak days of adaptation we have already spoken. The leadership of the international Federation also agrees that this is not a healthy option, and in the future will take into account all the errors of this championship.”

Rodionenko noted that there were problems with the lighting warm-up rooms. “Athletes have to get on a competitive platform under the rays of bright light from the gloom, and light in the warm-up room is placed very low and hits it straight in the eye. Except in such circumstances, athletes can normally prepare? This is unacceptable for a competition of such level”, – said the coach.

“Schedule of training, which was established by the organizers, also does not allow normal training. All of these moments and created the situation that led to the abundance of injuries,” concluded Rodionenko.

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