Before it was released, at least 24 sq. km.

Iraqi security forces supported by the International coalition had reached new progress in the Western part of Mosul on the displacement of fixed combat units of the terrorist group ISIS.

This was stated on Friday by the Director of press operations Pentagon Kaftan Jeff Davis.

“In recent years in the area observed a decrease in progress, sometimes because of weather conditions, sometimes due to the relocation. Now we have some success in the area North-West of the city , including on the banks of the Tigris river”, – said the representative of defensive Department of the USA.

In particular, according to him, before it was released, at least 24 sq km. with the start of operations in Mosul said the captain, Davis, was released from the control of terrorists 550 sq km in the Western part of the city.

At the same time, as noted by the representative of the Pentagon, coalition forces continue airstrikes on ISIS, including tactical units of terrorists, fighting positions, artillery and mortar systems, buildings, air defense systems, communication nodes and controls.

“Thus, the strikes of support in this area is large enough” – said the representative of the Ministry of defense.