Pierluigi Collina



Sports news: judges ‘ Decisions taken by VAR are displayed on the screens of stadiums.

Pierluigi Collina spoke about why at this world Cup, the arbitration will be close to perfect and as the judge will work with a VAR.

“Before the tournament we have created new guidelines for judges, in accordance with which the arbitrators will have to work. Our task is to ensure that all judges spoke the same language, that is understood, what goals we want to achieve. To protect the game and the safety of the players, the image of football and the good name of the world Cup – that is our task.

Before the match, the judges will gain introductory in order to understand about how to act on the field team. So to judge a lot easier, because if you don’t expect, to make the right decision more difficult, but if you are ready to advance to a certain turn of events, the problems should arise .

Separately, I note that for us was a big surprise allegations of corruption in the address of two referees – Amir Gazi from Saudi Arabia and Aden Marwa Range from Kenya. Two weeks ago, their nominations were withdrawn, in this respect, our policy is very strict. But again, we this event was very surprised.