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The referee of the match “Zenit” — “Ural” was removed from the Moscow Derby
24 APR, 15:40

“Ural” has filed a complaint against the refereeing of the match with Zenit
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In the first match of Zenit at the new stadium removed the three players “Ural”
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Gennady Orlov, commenting on the match “Zenit” — “Ural”, has not implemented the recommendations of the TV channel “Match TV”. Channel requires commentators to avoid unambiguous evaluations of controversial episodes

Orlov said that the referee correctly sent off midfielder of “Ural” Eric Bicfalvi, who received a second yellow card for a foul on Igor Smolnikov. On the replay it was clear that Bicfalvi played first ball and then hurt an opponent . Editor football broadcasts “Match TV” Valery Karpin said that in this episode, the eagles made a mistake and not complied with the recommendations of the channel, but in General Karpin praised the review as objective Orlov.

“Give me an example of a specific quote Orlov, where he was biased. The episode with the removal of Bicfalvi? For you, it’s a moot point, and for Gennady Sergeevich is not controversial. Does he have the right to give such a categorical assessment? I saw this moment for myself. But we and the judges sometimes don’t know how to treat a particular disorder, so better ask them. Maybe many saying Gennady Sergeevich seemed biased, I’m objective. Another thing is that commentators recommended not to give their personal evaluations don’t rate the episode by far. Should always put “in my opinion” or “I think so”. These recommendations are made, and all the commentators, in principle, perform them lately. Gennady S. in this particular episode they were not fulfilled,” — said Karpin in interview to the edition “CHempionata”.

The defender of CSKA Vasily Berezutsky, in turn, said that he was shocked by the review Orlova. According to the soldier, commentator was biased.