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YEKATERINBURG, September 22. /TASS/. The inspection Commission of the International exhibitions Bureau will visit in Yekaterinburg in 2018, said on Friday the Department of information policy of the region.

Thursday, September 21, the Russian delegation handed over the leadership of the International exhibitions Bureau in Paris a dossier in support of the candidacy of Yekaterinburg to host EXPO 2025.

“An important part of the negotiations (Sverdlovsk oblast delegation in Paris – approx. TASS) was the discussion of further steps and preparation for participation in the 162nd session of the General Assembly and the visit of the inspection Commission of the International exhibitions Bureau in Ekaterinburg in the beginning of next year”, – stated in the message .

21 Sep
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Russia was the first to give a bid book to host EXPO 2025

According to the Department, the Inspectorate visits each candidate city for review with the infrastructure, inspects the site for the exhibition or the exhibition center project, studying the accessibility to it and the room Fund of the hotels of the city.

The Department said that you have already created organizational and nomination committees of the EXPO 2025. “In addition, in accordance with the requirements of the International exhibitions Bureau received letters of guarantee of the Federation Council, the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia, Russian Academy of Sciences on the support of EXPO 2025 in Yekaterinburg”, – quotes the Department of the Governor Yevgeny Kuyvasheva.

It was reported that the city has applied to host the world universal exhibition EXPO-2025. Earlier this Ural city fought for the right to host the Expo in 2020, however, the victory in the contest then won Dubai. This time the pretend Paris and the Japanese Osaka Prefecture, said the International exhibitions Bureau. Yekaterinburg announced for the contest theme was “Changing world: inclusive innovation is for our children and future generations.”

It is planned that the exhibition will be held from may 2 to November 2, 2025.