Still from the film “Buy me” Director Vadim Perelman


MOSCOW, June 23. /TASS/. Moscow international film festival (MIFF) on Friday opens the showcase of competition films and Russian programs.

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The jury will first evaluate the film “Buy me” Vadim Perelman. This is a dramatic story about the thirst for success, which leads young girls Yulia Hlineny, Anna Adamovich and Svetlana Ustinova in the lead roles.

The Director noted that the film “no time” tells a story that could happen in any country. “Everywhere there are these girls, these hopes, these situations, these ends, he said. Is not a specific story – not Russian, and certainly not about Moscow.”

In the center of the plot – the story of main character Katya, a girl from a good family, a student of Philology, which drops a rare chance to obtain a grant to study in Paris archives . However, the girl suddenly decides to go to UAE to build a modeling career.

Also spectators and judges to watch the film “Underworld” Fenar Ahmad. The protagonist Zayed successful and respected surgeon, he lives in Copenhagen with his beloved wife, the family expects replenishment. One day Zayed comes younger brother and begs to borrow money. Zaid refuses, and in a few days brother is found dead. The doctor decides to find and punish the murderers.

Fans of the documentary genre is waiting for a festival film “Opera” by Jean-stéphane Bron. The organizers of the show have described the tape as “ironic, inspiring, and sometimes violent film about music and ballet,” which shows the life and passion that reigns behind the scenes of one of the most prestigious temples of culture in the world.

Russian “the euphoria of the suburbs”

The festival begins with traditional screening of the best new Russian films within the Russian programs. Will open the show at the House of cinema tape of Yuri Grymov “the Three sisters”. Grymov noted that the film is based on Anton Chekhov’s play, but the main heroines are not 20 years old, and 60. “We made a film that to live without love is wrong, unreal,” he said.

The main role in the film “Three sisters” performed by Lyudmila Polyakova, Anna Kamenkova, Irina Mazurkevich, Vladimir Nosik, Aleksandr Pashutin, Maxim Sukhanov, Igor Yatsko, Aleksandr Baluev, Igor Yasulovich, and others. Yury Grymov has preserved the text of the play, however, moved the action in today’s Russian province and changed the age of heroes.

On Friday the guests of the show in the cinema House will also be able to see also the movies “first Time” of Dmitry Kiselyov and “Amun” Anar Abbasov, the cartoon “Wolves and sheep: Beautumn transformation” and the documentary Varvara Filipchuk “Translate me through the Maidan”.

In the “Euphoria of the border” the audience will present a picture of “Afterimage” – the latest work by Andrzej Wajda, “the mark of the beast” Polish artists Agnieszka Holland and a film by Finnish Director Aki Kaurismaki “On the other side of hope” about the problems of migrants in Europe.

Just at the 39th international film festival viewers will see the 246 movies.