Denis Kazansky

Ukraine received another proof and argument in international courts.

Today participation of Russia in the events in the East of Ukraine do not hide already, even the Russians themselves. For example, the battalion commander of brigade “Prizrak” (“LPR”) Alexey Markov (of course, a Russian citizen from Moscow) straight text said in an interview that in the steppes of Donbass nowhere to get parts and weapons.

And thanks the “friends of Moscow”, which provide all of these illegal armed groups LDNR.

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Remember how 2 years ago the representatives of Russia in the ICJ argued that “militias” have dug up the weapons and equipment “in the mines of Donbass”. And now one of the warlords, “LC” openly says that all this bullshit, and nothing in the steppes can be found only on the supply from Russia all hope. Ukrainian propaganda, such a statement will not be written off.

Interesting “civil war”. In Donetsk was a monument to the commander Oleg Mamieva, who came to kill Ukrainians from North Ossetia. In Lugansk, another commander from Moscow openly says that parts and “tools for their production” the militants are getting from Russia. And where does the Donbass at all then?

Original interview Markov was already removed. Belatedly they realized that they put dirt on themselves. But the Internet isn’t going away, so thanks to the battalion “Ghost” Ukraine received another proof of Russian aggression and yet another argument in international courts.

Denis Kazanskiy, “Browser”