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The patient is fixed in remission for 30 months after the disappearance of virus from the blood.

The doctors confirmed a complete cure from HIV infection the second in the history of the patient. This was reported in the Lancet.

In the scientific report showed that after transplantation of donor bone marrow at the “London patient” there is a stable remission for 30 months. According to the study authors, led by Ravindra the Gupta from the University of Cambridge, the virus disappeared completely from the patient’s blood.

The first person who completely recovered from HIV was the “Berlin patient” Timothy ray brown. He got rid of the disease 13 years ago.

The name of the second patient were not disclosed, but media reports that it is 40-year-old Adam Castillejo from Venezuela. The man allegedly got sick with HIV in 2003, and he was later diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. They performed a bone marrow transplant to beat the cancer, but it failed to cure the patient from HIV infection.

That second person was able to completely cure HIV became known in early March 2019. Also Reporter wrote about what was discovered natural protection from all viruses.

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