The Ambassador of Germany in
United States Emily Haber “is campaigning for the Russian pipeline,” writes
Bild. In particular, the German diplomat urged the U.S. Congress not to threaten
Russian companies with sanctions, and not to interfere with the construction of “Nord stream”,
according to the tabloid.

The German Ambassador in
United States Emily Haber “is campaigning for Putin’s pipeline”, writes Bild.

As it became
known German tabloid, in March of this year, Haber was sent out immediately
several U.S. congressmen a letter in which she spoke out against the tightening
the sanctions policy against Russia and called on no longer to threaten with sanctions
two Russian companies: NOVATEK and Gazprom, is taking part in
projects in Germany.

according to the publication, a senior German diplomat has addressed to the Congress
USA on behalf of the Federal government of Germany.

“We are concerned about
the fact that currently, Congress is planning to impose new sanctions against
Russia in the energy sphere”, — quotes Bild, the German Ambassador in the United States.

As a result,
Emily Haber, these punitive measures could “suffer energy
the security of Europe.” To ensure the welfare of Germany and the entire
The European Union is required “for both LNG and Russian pipeline gas.”

In the writings of the German
the diplomat also stressed that Germany wants to have a voice in the process
the decision on new sanctions against Moscow.

“Our country
should cooperate closely, when we are talking about possible introduction of sanctions against
Of the Russian Federation in the energy sphere”, — stated the Ambassador of Germany in
The United States.

In addition, Emily
Haber called “counterproductive” any new measures against Washington
construction of Russian gas pipeline “Nord stream — 2”.

additional measures by the U.S. against the draft will be
counterproductive and undermine the unity of Europe in a difficult policy issue
energy security,” said a German diplomat.

In turn,
as says Bild, in an interview with a member of the U.S. Congress assured the journalist
German tabloid that the congressmen allegedly “shocked” by the letters of the Ambassador
Germany, in which she “definitely stands on the side of Russia.”