The shroud of Turin


Photo from open sources

Science news: Researchers conducted a simulation of the position of the wounds and trickles of blood.

The medical examiner Matteo Borrini and chemist Luigi Garlaschelli announced that the shroud of Turin is a four-meter long linen cloth, which, according to legend, was wrapped the body of Jesus Christ after death is fake.

To such conclusions researchers came after a simulation of the position of the wounds and trickles of blood.

In the experiment, the scientists used a mannequin, true blood and its artificial substitute. The researchers conducted an analysis of the trickles of blood on the back of the left hand side and near the wound from a spear on his chest. The imprints on the shroud show that the blood from the back of the hand and arm dripping at an angle of 45 degrees. Scientists say that this is impossible if the body was in supine position .

The researchers also called unrealistic traces from the wounds received from a spear. According to experts, blood from it flowed a trickle, and not formed a single spot. Another spot located in the lumbar region, the specialists generally are unable to reproduce in the experiment, although he used different postures for the manikin.

Scientists believe the traces on the shroud of Turin, most likely, have no relation to the wounds on the body of Jesus Christ. However, to draw any final conclusions prematurely.