Andrei Vtyurin

This was stated by the head of the KGB of Belarus.

The head of the KGB Valery Vakulchik commented on the high-profile case of former Deputy Secretary of the security Council Andrei Vtyurin, reports

According to the head of the KGB, soon to be appointed to the court in this case.

— I think, in the autumn, somewhere in October-November, said Valery Vakulchik.

The head of the KGB said that was investigated not only in relation to one of the Deputy head of the security Council.

— He is not alone. There’s about 10 people. After more detained.

We will remind, about the arrest of the Deputy Secretary of the security Council Andrei Vtyurin became known in late April. Officially he was charged under part 3 of article 430 (accepting a bribe) criminal code of Belarus.

“He was caught red-handed when receiving 148 600 U.S. dollars from the representative of the Russian commercial structure “G” for assistance in promoting its interests in the Republic of Belarus. Last charged with bribery”, — said the KGB.

In connection with the same case were arrested sivodedov, former Director General of Beltelecom.

Almost simultaneously with the arrest Vtyurin from Belarus by the order of Putin were recalled the Ambassador and presidential envoy Mikhail Babich, and to replace him by the Ambassador in Minsk was appointed Dmitry Mezentsev.

In the Russian media in connection with the arrest of high-ranking security officer has information that vtyurin was associated with the activities of the Russian FSB in Belarus and, perhaps, was preparing an attempt on Lukashenka. Officially this information has not been refuted.

Andrei vtyurin was born in Penza in 1971 and graduated from the Saratov higher military school of the MIA of Russia. Almost 20 years working in the security Service of Lukashenko. Of them for seven years, from 2007 to 2014 is at the head of. Then Lukashenko has appointed Vtyurin Deputy state Secretary of the security Council.