© Stanislav Krasilnikov/TASS

ANKARA, 13 August. /Offset. TASS Denis Nightingale/. Consulate General of Russia in Antalya is negotiating with the insurance company and the airlines to address the issue of transport in Russia tourists, who lapsed into a coma in Turkey. This was reported on Sunday to the correspondent of TASS in the Russian Embassy.

“The problem is that [Christine] maksymiuk need to fly to Russia on Monday, the ticket in the hands of the sister, who with her came to rest with a child in Turkey, said genkonsulstve. We are sister in constant contact and negotiate with the insurance company and the airlines”.

The source also said that the Consulate General hopes “on Monday to get a positive response from the airline “Aeroflot” or from one of the other Russian carriers”.

34-year-old Christina maksymiuk arrived with her sister on holiday to Turkey on 7 August. The same day she had a heart attack, with the result that she fell into a coma. She was taken to a hospital in the province of Alanya, where she carried out an artificial lung ventilation.