Due to the high threat of terrorism in Istanbul in the afternoon on Sunday, June 18, under heavy guard, were taken to the whole business district of the city, including the building of the Russian Consulate General.

As reported by “Interfax”, in the morning at the Russian diplomatic mission are on duty armed security forces, and on Taksim square, was seen even armored vehicles, informs “the Russian Dialogue.”

Enhanced security measures introduced and next to the American Consulate and diplomats appealed to the citizens of the United States with recommendations to refrain from walking in the business district of the city.

Security forces were alerted due to the high level of terrorist threat in Istanbul on Sunday, June 18. In places of possible terrorist attacks on duty, armed police in bullet-proof vests, and the streets of the city were seen armored cars .

Police officers are on duty in places of a mass congestion of people, as well as key transport nodes European side of the city.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation” this week, unknown persons threatened to blow himself up outside the U.S. Consulate in Istanbul.