Subsidiary enterprise “Container terminal Odessa” (“WHO”) of the German HHLA International GmbH on 21 December 2017, took the first container ship with a capacity of 5,047 thousand TEU and 294 m long shipping line ZIM Integrated Shipping Services – Zim Haifa.

As reported by the press service of the company, is the largest ship of the line in the black sea region, it moored at pier 2 to the new terminal.

“For the port authority this sudokhod as important as for the operator of the container terminal. Thanks to a new service DP “WHO” will be able to increase the container, thereby confirms its title as the leading container business in Ukraine,” the report cited the head of the administration of the port of Odessa Igor Tkachuk .

In addition to opening the new service, among the positive news, he called the agreement between the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of documents for the further construction of the breakwater, which is part of the project “Quarantine mole”, which the port implements in conjunction with the DP “WHO”.

“No less a joyful event: on 20 December, the Cabinet approved the financial plan of the SE “USPA” in 2018. For the first time in many years we received the main financial document not in the middle of the year, not in late autumn, and New year’s eve”, – said I. Tkachuk.

First Deputy head of administration of the Odessa port Alexander zubik added that the new terminal, which handled a container ship, the five thousand meters, is an artificially created territory, which is not insulated from the influence of waves. “It is therefore important that the Cabinet has approved a new project completion of the breakwater. The contract with the contractor, and in mid-January of next year will be here specialized equipment, and the work on the breakwater will begin in the spring. The port authority will do everything to ensure that the container terminal operator can safely and efficiently handle the court,” he said.

In turn, General Director of “WHO” Anastas cockin the named vessel is the first of five thousand meters the company ZIM landmark event, adding that recently the company ZIM expands its business in Ukraine, thus showing that the leadership believes in the stabilization of the economy, the reliability of the company, the port of Odessa as a whole. “For us it is a sign that the service that we provide, close to the European level. Depending on the configuration of the ship and cargo planning operators of the three cranes on the new Wharf Quarantine pier can carry up to 90 movements per hour. Modern equipment allows to handle vessels of type BosphorMax. Calls of larger container ships allow the DP “WHO” to significantly increase the volume of transshipment containers. The outgoing year was difficult for us, but, nevertheless, I hope to handle more than 290 thousand TEU”,- said A. cockin.

In the construction of the breakwater, he said that in the spring of 2018, the port authority will resume construction and complete it in 2021.

“Our company has planned for next year to continue the development of the new territories on Quarantine mole in the framework of a prisoner with ASD contract”, – said A. cockin.

Company “Container terminal Odessa” is a subsidiary of HHLA International GmbH, part of the group one of Europe’s leading logistics holdings – German company HHLA AG (Hamburg).

Since 2010 the company is constructing a new container terminal together with ASD. Over the past seven years it paid taxes in budgets of various levels more than 1 billion UAH.

The construction of the terminal “Quarantine mole”, which includes increasing the capacity of 600 thousand TEU per annum of transshipment, one of the largest infrastructure projects in the Maritime transport industry of Ukraine. The total investment exceeded 5 billion UAH. The construction started in April 2010. In September 2014, the berths of the new terminal in the test mode, the processed first two vessels-the container ship. In 2016 about 40% of all container cargo traffic, processed by the DP “WHO” on the new piers of the Quarantine pier.

Zim is the largest cargo shipping company in Israel and one of the top 20 largest in the world. The headquarters of the company is located in Haifa.