Photo: Bubeev with his family left Russia

Andrew Bubeev, together with his family left Russia.

A resident of Tver Andrei Bubeev, who was convicted of two repost the social network Vkontakte, fled Russia. About it, said the activist from Russia Anna Borko. In turn, another Russian activist Ekaterina Bashilova reported that Bubeev, his wife and son are in Kiev.

Andrew Bubeev in may 2016 was sentenced to two years and three months in prison. The court found him guilty of extremism and separatism for the repost of the picture of the toothpaste tube with the words “break out of Russia” and article Boris Stomakhin “Crimea is Ukraine”.

23 August 2017 Bubeev left the colony .

In Russia has doubled more political prisoners – human rights defenders