Photo: Getty What is known about the 2019 coronavirus-nCoV to date

Victims of a new kind of virus were 566 people. According to the authorities of China, infected more than 28 thousand people.


Dead and infected

Official statistics + dynamics during the day:

  • Ill – 28 of 315 (+3735)
  • Died – 566 (+72)
  • In serious condition – 3859 (+640)
  • In quarantine – 185 555 (0)
  • Possibly infected – 28 852 (+1442)
  • Recovered – 1202 (+291)
  • The number of countries with the virus – 26 (+2)
  • Deaths outside the PRC – 2 (0)


What is known about the epidemic to date

– For the manufacture of a vaccine against coronavirus should be 20 months, say French scientists. According to estimates of Swiss pharmacists, will need the year. However, according to Sky News, British experts have invented a new method of developing vaccines and are ready to test a drug on animals next week.

If successful and additional funding the vaccine will be tested on humans this summer, the British.

– This news enthusiastically responded to the markets. The index of the British stock exchange grew by 0.75 percent, the French – 0.8%.

News of the virus to 5 Feb

– However, the world health organization warns that effective treatment of coronavirus and the SARS, which it calls, yet, even if pharmaceutical companies argue the opposite.

– As it became known, the Institute of Virology of the Chinese city of Wuhan on January 21 filed a patent for using antivirals remisier to combat the coronavirus, however, is a drug developed by American company Gilead Sciences in 2016. Rendition has not been approved anywhere in the world and its safety and efficacy has not been confirmed.

– On a cruise ship Diamond Princess, which arrived at quarantine from Japan’s shores because of the coronavirus, there are 25 Ukrainians, all of them crew members. While the diagnosis was confirmed twenty persons, were admitted to the hospital on shore, the rest of the passengers sampled.

All on Board are nearly four thousand people, the ship moored about a kilometer from the largest port city of Yokohama, and to approach the shore he is forbidden.

– Foundation bill and Melinda gates Foundation has pledged $ 100 million to combat coronavirus. In January, the Fund has allocated ten million, he has now decided to add another 90 million dollars.

– China’s biggest refineries is expected that in February the average daily rate of oil consumption will fall by 25 percent or 3.2 million barrels.

How the virus has changed life in China: photo essay

– Adidas, Apple, Starbucks and many other companies had temporarily closed stores in China. Offices in China shut down Google.

– Trading the Nasdaq Tesla shares fell 17 percent after the Vice-President warned that the February delivery Model 3 from the factory in Shanghai is temporarily delayed due to the spread of the coronavirus in China.

– Meanwhile, Hong Kong authorities announced the introduction of a mandatory two-week quarantine for all who come to the administrative area from mainland China. This measure will take effect from 8 February. At the moment in Hong Kong identified 21 cases of the disease. Last Tuesday, one of the sick died.

– Social networks are outraged, as the Russian government evacuated its citizens from China. 5 Feb two aircraft, the defense Ministry has taken 144 the Russians from the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the ongoing outbreak of coronavirus 2019-nCoV. Evacuees will spend two weeks in quarantine in a sanatorium in Tyumen.

– Saudi Arabia has banned citizens from travelling to China. Those who will disobey and still visit China, denied entry back into the country.

In Kazakhstan decided to stop sending and receiving mail from China.

Chinese coronavirus: news for February 4

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