Photo: Getty 2019-nCov is killing more and more people

From an atypical pneumonia caused by a coronavirus, a new type died more than 400 people. The second case was recorded outside China.


Dead and infected

Official statistics + dynamics during the day:

  • Ill – 20 of 623 (+3218)
  • Died – 427 (+65)
  • In serious condition – 2788 (+492)
  • In quarantine – 17 1329 (+18 629)
  • Possibly infected – 27 364 (+5656)
  • Recovered – 665 (+220)


Latest news about Chinese coronavirus

– The first case of infection was recorded in Belgium by a local resident, who returned them to Wuhan, where the epidemic began.

– Fixed the second death outside of mainland China, 39-year-old man died in Hong Kong. In late January he traveled to Wuhan, where there was an outbreak of the virus. Doctors have reported that his health was weakened by concomitant chronic disease.

– Because of the news about spread of coronavirus and restrictions imposed by the authorities, the demand for oil in China fell 20 percent. According to Bloomberg, the decline in demand – the largest in the oil market since the financial crisis of 2008-2009 and the flash, since the terrorist attacks of 11 September in new York.

Against this background, the cost of a barrel of Brent for delivery in April on the London exchange ICE fell by 3.4 percent to 54.7 per dollar, which was the minimum price for 13 months. Discussion of the impact 2019-nCoV on the economy in Worse material to the crisis. As the coronavirus affects the world.

– Ukraine has not registered a single laboratory-confirmed case of new coronavirus infection, said the health Ministry.

– The proportion of deaths in the total number of people infected in China is 2.1 percent, say Chinese authorities.

– Wikipedia has its statistics fatality from the coronavirus 2019nCoV. Today it is 43.2 percent. Patients with lung disease are not taken into account.

According to the calculations of physicians of Hong Kong University, by 25 January, the number infected with the virus in Wuhan will be more than 75 thousand people. The authors of a study published in the medical journal Lancet, argue that the epidemic is coronavirus spread much faster.

Peak distribution of a new type of coronavirus in China nastupit 10-14 days, said the head of the special Commission of the State Committee for health Zhong Nanshan. On January 25 the head of the special Commission suggested that the peak of the distribution will come in 7-10 days.

The standing Committee of the political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist party of China at an emergency meeting decided that the response to the spread of the virus has identified “errors and difficulties” in the national system of emergency response, writes the German media.

– According to experts of the National Commission on public health of China, 2019 virus-nCoV can survive on surfaces from hours to five days, with certain ratios of temperature and humidity.

– U.S. banned the entry for the recently visited China to foreigners. Soon after Chinese authorities accused Washington of provoking a panic because of the new coronavirus with “over-reaction”.

– In Russia, closed rail and air connections with China, on suspicion of four thousand people. The Ministry of health of the Russian Federation said that preparing for large-scale spread of the coronavirus in the Russian territory.

Not a single Plague Inc. The best game about epidemics

Ophthalmologist Whether Vanillan of the Central hospital of Wuhan 30 Dec wrote in the chat about the seven cases of suspected coronavirus. Soon, the officials demanded an explanation and was twice summoned him to the police. After a few days If his family found 2019-nCov. In the end, the Supreme court of the PRC criticized the police and government officials.

– The government of Macau has decided to close for 14 days all casinos to prevent the spread of coronavirus.


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