Photo: Distance of two meters does not protect against coronavirus

Viral particles can move through the air more than four feet, American scientists have found.

Coronavirus infection can move through the air more than four meters. This is with reference to the data Center for control and prevention of diseases USA writes Monday, April 13.

Note that the who recommends to comply with the social distance of two meters. Now the report is based on research of the Academy of military medical Sciences in Beijing, apparently, confirms concerns that 1.5-2 meters social distance may be insufficient, and the virus can spread to four meters.

As stated by Chinese physicians in Wuhan, half of the samples from the soles of the shoes of the medical staff of the intensive care unit showed a positive result for coronavirus infection. This means that doctors can transmit the virus through the soles of his shoes.

At the same hospital objects, the surfaces of which were discovered in the maximum amount of virus, are computer mouses, trash cans and railings of the beds.

Recall that in Canada use the centenary method of treatment against COVID-19. The advantage of passive immunization is that you do not need to develop a cure COVID-19 in the laboratory – this work already makes the immune system of the donor.

It was also reported that scientists have found antibodies that neutralize the coronavirus. South Korean scientists identified 38 antibody can be used for the treatment of people infected with coronavirus.

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