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The lack of information the human brain completes what seems to him the most logical, based on the available knowledge.

In Britain, dozens of cell towers were damaged by vandals due to popular conspiracy theories, according to which the spread of the coronavirus may be associated with 5G networks. Корреспондент.net coronavirus talks about conspiracy theories.


5G affects coronavirus

On 6 April, the Guardian newspaper reported that over the past few days across the UK there were at least 20 attacks on telecommunication towers due to numerous publications in social networks of the Association of radiation from the equipment to the new standard telephony 5G and symptoms COVID-19.

Conspiracy theories about the dangers of 5G spread on the Internet not the first year, but in recent years they have received wide distribution including through celebrities. About nonexistent impact of radiation on the coronavirus wrote in their social networks famous Hollywood actor woody Harrelson, a popular singer M. I. A and others.

The proponents of this theory do not agree on the way of the impact of 5G on the coronavirus. M. I. A. wrote that the radiation from the network “prevents the body to recover”, but Harrelson insisted that 5G contributes to a more rapid spread of the virus.

Burning tower in Britain

Organisation Full Fact, which examines different popular myths says that this conspiracy theory exists in several versions, none of which is untrue and has no scientific basis.

Some argue that coronavirus does not exist, and the disease COVID-19 is a result of launch of 5G networks, while others believe that radio waves, which spread information 5G, increase the symptoms of coronavirus.

From the point of view of biology it makes no sense, because your immune system can weaken a variety of things, including a chronic lack of sleep and wrong diet, but not a weak non-ionizing radiation from mobile towers.

50 years of landing on the moon. Why believe that not all

Why people believe conspiracy theorists. The human brain is so constituted that, due to lack of information, especially in such a stressful situation as a world crisis, which led to the pandemic of coronavirus, to finish the explanations that seem most logical based on the knowledge that is available in humans.

For poslanim data, Britain ranks eighth in the number of coronavirus-infected people – more than 65 thousand people, of which nearly eight thousand have already died.


The handiwork of the Pentagon

The hypothesis that the outbreak of the coronavirus in China was provoked by the us military, went public after March 12 I wrote about this Chinese diplomat Zhao Lijiang on his Twitter page. By the way, he quoted a Russian media.

The United States accused China of concealing the real data on the infected and the epidemic. During the pandemic, both countries again exchanged accusations.

Some Russian experts have voiced the Chinese version yet.

“It is all funded from the budget of the Pentagon. So, to say that there are peaceful humanitarian studies, is not necessary. I think the money the Pentagon spent on peace studies?”, I was told at the end of January, former adviser to the UN Secretary General Igor Nikulin edition MK.

That the coronavirus could have come from American laboratories, said in March and another Russian diplomat – Professor, Department of public administration and national security of Diplomatic Academy of Russian foreign Ministry Ivan Surma.

“You can look at a map of military laboratories, which are actually on the perimeter is surrounded by China and Russia. Even when bill Clinton was running the project for the development of biotechnology for military purposes and, in particular, related to the analysis of genes and so forth,” said Surma.

The version with the American biological weapons was supported by the Russian Senator, the head of the Commission for the protection of state sovereignty Andrei Klimov, what he wrote in the official publication of the state Duma of the Russian Federation.

This week on the Internet has also become a walking video, which U.S. attorney Andrew Lelling allegedly says chemist Charles Lieber was arrested for the creation of a coronavirus and selling it to China. It, by the way, was broadcasted by the Ukrainian MP Anna Skorokhod.

Lieber was indeed arrested in January, but for giving false testimony about participating in the Chinese program, which attracts foreign scholars to gain access to research in other countries. But the coronavirus is irrelevant.

American authorities have repeatedly accused Russia that it spreads through social networks of conspiracy theories, which say that the coronavirus that causes US biological weapon.

Scientists at Columbia University in new York and Tulane University, New Orleans, and the University of Sydney in Australia came to the conclusion that the coronavirus originated and evolved purely through evolution.

However, on 5 April the British tabloid the Sun, citing a member of the Committee COBRA, which meets only in emergency cases, wrote that British intelligence found the source of the outbreak of coronavirus – Institute of Virology of Wuhan city, which is 16 kilometers from the seafood market.

Chinese scientists said in response that all assumptions about the outbreak of coronavirus in the laboratory is fundamentally wrong. Later the press wrote that the FBI in November warned of a possible outbreak of coronavirus. However, the President, Donald trump declared that this information is untrue.


Other popular theories

  • China has set up a coronavirus, for next to nothing to buy back shares in their companies after the stock market crash.
  • Coronavirus created in order to relieve the pension funds. The theory is based on the fact that COVID-19 most often kills the elderly.
  • Pharmacists have created a coronavirus, to enrich themselves.

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