Alexander Jara
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The expert explained what to expect from a new conflict between Minsk and Moscow.

Diplomat, expert of Fund “Maidan foreign Affairs” Alexander’hara noted that because of the next aggravation in relations between Belarus and Russia, Ukraine should not have any illusions about the direction of foreign policy of Minsk. According to experts, it is Pro-Russian; Belarus is and will remain a military-political and diplomatic ally of Russia, informs “Obozrevatel”.

He believes that these convulsions of the official Minsk that is trying somehow to resist absorption by Russia, and stressed that the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that he does not want to be in Alliance with Moscow, just his vision of this Union, according to experts, differs from the vision of the Kremlin. “Lukashenko is not going to join the EU and NATO,” – said the expert.

The scandal that broke out between Moscow and Minsk, the consequence of which was the withdrawal of the Russian Ambassador Mikhail Babich, and the formal reason was an interview in which the Russian diplomat made critical remarks towards the official Minsk, because of the failure to integrate with Moscow. But, the expert stressed that Lukashenko just wants to keep his power and to give at least formal and informal levers of influence for the Kremlin.