One of the passengers – Andrew
Makarov – flying in Saint Petersburg with her daughter to visit a football
the match “Zenith” and CSKA.

He said that during the acceleration time of the liner at the
the runway, something happened. Such a statement he made in an interview with TASS,
reports of the Russian Dialogue.

“We felt a strange
tremors. This was repeated five or six times. The plane gained altitude and then
slow down. Then it became clear that the aircraft ceased to climb,
the tremors have stopped,” – said Andrew.

Another passenger said that
then they announced technical problems, the plane had planned to return to
airport of departure.

“Honestly, it was very
scary. We circled the airport, is very low. On the left side of the engine
worked as something strange, unclear and choppy, as if the fire was even visible. Some cried, one
the man began aloud to be milled. I immediately remembered the incident, which occurred in
Sheremetyevo airport while boarding the plane, and also with the “Superjet” – quoted
the woman Telegrams-channel “Neuma”.

Note that emergency landing
took place on Friday the flight from Tyumen to St. Petersburg.

We will remind, after landing in Tyumen passengers awarded the pilot.

Became known cause of engine failure, the plane emergency landing in Tyumen.