Players of “Dynamo” Nikita Komarov and CSKA Cyril Whims (left to right)

© Anton novoderezhkin/TASS

TASS, 25 Aug. CSKA Moscow won a major victory over capital “the Dynamo” with the score 6:1 in the away match of the regular championship of the Continental hockey League (KHL).

The winners of abandoned washers were noted Matt Robinson (23), Anton Burdasov (24), Mikhail Grigorenko (25), Andrei Svetlakov (32), Andrey Kuzmenko (37) and Konstantin Okulov (60). The losers scored Andrei Kuteikin (27).

In the next match CSKA will play away with Dynamo Minsk, the capital, the Dynamo will take Bratislava “Slovan”. Both meetings will be held on August 27 .