Alexander Golovin and Ahmed Musa

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TASS, February 13. CSKA will play on Tuesday visiting with the Serbian “Crvena Zvezda” in the first match of 1/16 finals of football League of Europe. CSKA the first Russian club to conduct the official game of the year.

CSKA continues to struggle in the Europa League, finishing third in the Champions League group stage, where Moscow club started the current Eurocup season. Ahead of the English “Manchester United” and Swiss “Basel” wards Victor Goncharenko failed, but two victories over the Portuguese “Benfica” allowed CSKA to extend the season in Europe.

“Tsrvena the Star” has the best European Cup season in the 27 years since then, the Belgrade team won the 1991 Cup winners ‘ Cup . Since then, only three times “Crvena Zvezda” was able to reach the group stage of the UEFA Cup / Europa League, however, to overcome this stage was only at this time. In the group H “Crvena Zvezda” took second place, losing only English Arsenal from London, but ahead of German “Cologne” and Belarus BATE.

To score in the group 9 points, the Serbian team was enough to score only three goals in which Nemanja Radonjic, Richmond Boakye and Slavoljub Srnic. While hardly the most challenging encounters in the European Cup season, the players from Belgrade held in the play-offs of the Europa League, keeping in the group stage of the Russian “Krasnodar”. Having conceded with the account 2:3 in his field “Crvena Zvezda” beat Kuban with the score 2:1 and qualified to the next stage due to the greater number of goals scored.

“Red Star” 19 times won the championship of Yugoslavia, five – Serbia and Montenegro, however, the champion of Serbia became only three times. After winning the title in 2016 under the leadership of Miodrag Bozovic, “Star” last season and lost to their traditional rivals of Partizan. However, in this tournament, “Crvena Zvezda” is in the lead again, ahead after 22 rounds “the Guerrilla” on nine points.

Among the best scorers of the championship of Serbia – Aleksandar Pesic (17 goals) and Ghanaian Boakye (15), who scored more than half of all of the team’s goals.

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The Union of European football associations (UEFA) in early January punished “Crvena Zvezda” for racist and discriminatory behaviour of fans at the match of group stage against BATE (0:0), which was held in Borisov on November 23 last year. The Belgrade club was obliged to spend the next home European Cup match without spectators. 5 Feb “Crvena Zvezda” announced that UEFA allowed the appeal of the Serbian club on this decision.

According to the Director of the Serbian club of Zvezdan Terzić, the match is expected to be a sell-out, although CSKA have requested only 1200 tickets for their fans. Commercial Director of CSKA Andrey Zarubyan told TASS that the situation with the access of fans to the match struck to a greater degree at the Moscow club, because in such a short time CSKA fans would not be able to change their plans.

The tickets for the talk are sold at the stadium ticket office, the day before the match almost all the seats were bought. Traditionally, the fans, “red Star” have a warm relationship with the fans of Spartak Moscow – Dynamo Moscow CSKA. This speaks to the importance of the meetings of the Europa League, I know both clubs and UEFA. The game between CSKA Moscow and Crvena Zvezda arrived even a few fans of “Spartacus”.

A week ago Terzic told TASS that the Belgrade team will not specifically enhance security measures, because the Russian and Serbian peoples “brothers”. But, according to him, the match will take all necessary security measures. UEFA said that the organization together with the “red Star” will closely monitor the relationship of the fans at the stadium.

“CSKA is 100% ready for the match”

CSKA in the match against “Crvena Zvezda” will not help recovering from injury defenders Aleksei Berezutski and Georgi Schennikov and striker Timur Zhamaletdinov. Recovered from damage Georgi Milanov, who said that he feels very well. Also, the location of the army returned leased from Leicester’s Ahmed Musa, who, according to head coach Victor Goncharenko, I have remembered his style of play for CSKA and effective.

At a press conference the coach said that CSKA is ready to 100 percent, considering the training mode, which was in training camp, but official matches are different. “Looking at the load, we feel good. “Tsrvena the Star” has its own style, the home stadium with good support of the fans, know how to attack and defend,” – said Goncharenko.

Vis coach of the Russian club “red Star” Vladan Milojevic called CSKA a favourite. “Nobody needs to present CSKA, because this is a team that came into this tournament after the group stage of the Champions League. Don’t like to talk about favourites, but if you need to make a choice, I would say that this is CSKA. Our team can only guarantee that they will give their all on the field,” – said the expert.

The Serbian team midfielder Branko Jovicic believes that CSKA is a top club in Europe. In his opinion, the army for many years are at the top of Russian and European football. “We are ready for the match, will do everything possible to play against CSKA. Tomorrow the stadium will be a fantastic atmosphere and great football,” said the player.

The return match of 1/16 Europa League final will be held at “VEB-Arena” in Moscow on February 21.