A. Borodin “Polovtsian dances”

Russia finally entered the epoch of late Brezhnev dementia.

Mr Putin yesterday their curves by borrowing from a famous speech of the lawyer Fyodor Plevako (for the second time unleashed on the Internet a new wave of memes and photojob.

In 2010, at meeting on struggle against forest fires, he commemorated bad word also “Teutonic knights” of the Teutonic order (surprisingly, yesterday without cost) and the Great Patriotic war.

In the original speech Plevako, among the Polovtsy were the Tatars, the poles, and Napoleon’s army. But, apparently, Putin and his speechwriters (if they haven’t shot) had decided to leave them in reserve until the next remake.

You never know what the President will have to fight until 2036? If Russia will certainly stand by the time this “His fight”.

Then Putin’s words have not generated as many “frogs” and memes. Fires, in contrast to coronavirus was not all. And times were relatively “fat”.

Now it’s different. “Samosoglasovannye” and the impoverished people is rapidly boiling, realizing that instead of helping and money Putin will continue to feed him with fines, unemployment and idiotic speeches. With the latter he really is too frequent and was repeated. So we hear and replays about Lenin, and something new about some “unreasonable Khazars”.

The country finally entered the epoch of late Brezhnev dementia Putin. Except that the genre of Soviet cooking a joke now, almost supplanted format of Internet memes and photos/videogam.

But “is coming, and the music is eternal!” As the eternal and unwritten historical law according to which the political degradation of any regime inevitably ends with samovyrazheniya, decay and collapse. The only differences lie in the nuances.

And it would be fitting if instead of the dance of the little swans from Tchaikovsky’s ballet “Swan lake” our elderly “disco dancer” sat to see the “Polovtsian dances” (fragment of the 2nd act of the Opera of Borodino “Prince Igor”). You and him alone. We ourselves view. Who and when he wants to.

Yes, right now! At the same time daydream. “Fly away-a-ay, Vladislav and mych”.

The main thing is not to dwell on ones dreams. And, though very witty “the frogs”, the tweet and “mamasita” that will definitely help you not to choke and not go mad in the stifling atmosphere of Putin’s, but often, as in the whistle out steam from under the boiler. Instead of trying to display it offline.

It’s a window. And it’s time to open the door.

Telegrams-channel “Sickle”