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TASS, October 11. The main trophy of the world Cup may not be brought to Pakistan as part of a tour of the world Cup, as originally planned, due to the suspension of the football Federation of Pakistan (PFF), International football Federation (FIFA). It is reported by Pakistani TV channel Geo TV, citing the head of PFF Faisal Saleh Hayat.

On Wednesday, FIFA has temporarily suspended the membership of the PFF in connection with third-party interference in the Affairs of the organization. This decision was taken due to the fact that the PFF offices remain under the control of a court-appointed administrator, which is a violation. The suspension will be lifted once the offices and access to the accounts of the Federation will come under the control of the organization. National teams and clubs of Pakistan are not eligible to participate in international competitions until the sanctions are lifted .

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The world Cup is scheduled to be February 3, 2018 to make a stop in Pakistan to demonstrate to the fans main trophy of the 2018 world Cup. “This event would have a big positive boost for the image of Pakistan throughout the world, but now it is under threat,” said Hayat.

He also noted that he understood all the requirements of FIFA and have done everything in his power to resolve the situation, but nobody wanted to cooperate with him. “I tried everything I could, appealed to the authorities, appealed to former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to intervene, but despite all my efforts, the situation cannot be resolved. Now I turn to the chief of army staff of Pakistan with the request to help to solve the problem. If we want to play football, then we should follow the FIFA rules, otherwise our football will suffer,” added Hayat.

The Supreme court of Lahore was appointed administrator of PFF in July 2015 after the scandalous elections of the President of the organization, when to head for the third time, was re-elected Faisal Saleh Hayat. FIFA considered the court’s decision “third party intervention”. Chaos in the Federation led to the fact that in the past two years, team Pakistan did not play the matches under the auspices of FIFA. In 2015, FIFA has issued Hayato a two-year mandate for reform in PFF, which expired in September.

Tour Cup world Cup started on 9 September in Moscow. From September to December, the trophy will visit 16 cities, then go abroad and ride more than 50 countries. Then the Cup will go back to Russia and will visit nine more cities. The total length of the route is over 27 thousand km.


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