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Seven brightest moments of the Normandy meetings.

During the channel meeting in Paris Vladimir Zelensky, Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel macron held at the Elysee Palace more than ten hours.

The leaders of the Norman Quartet several times changed the format of the negotiations, before the night of December 10 to go to the press with the final communiqué.

During this time, on the sidelines of the meeting there were many bright and even funny moments — “New era” has collected the discussing of them.

Gesture Zelensky on arrival to the Elysee Palace

The President of France Emmanuel macron alternately met the leaders of the other three States on the steps of the Elysee Palace.

When he arrived Vladimir Zelensky, the two presidents greeted each other, and then a short while posing for photographers. At this point, the President of Ukraine raised a hand in a gesture of the famous “Victoria” (V), meaning victory. Zelensky uses it quite often in itself a gesture is not unusual.

However, in the Ukrainian social networks has ordered these photographs differently, spreading the collage.

Photo: Ian Langsdon/Pool via REUTERS

Putin’s personal limousine

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky came to the Elysee Palace for the Norman meeting at the Renault Espace, German Chancellor Angela Merkel — on Mercedes-Benz.

However, the greatest attention of journalists attracted the car of Vladimir Putin — the Russian President arrived in his limousine Mira-L700 41231SB Senat produced in Moscow.

This machine is the main official vehicle of Putin since his inauguration in may 2018. However, its use abroad often raises questions.

“This is how much money and effort to first this limousine produce and then deliver it to Paris, just to 15 minutes for it to go to a meeting,” — wondered the NV editor-in-chief Vitaliy Sych.

For the first time Putin has used such a limo abroad during a meeting with U.S. President Donald trump in Helsinki on 16 July 2018. Then the limousines, sedans and vans of the Russian delegation in advance was taken in the capital of Finland on the plane.

Mini-curiosity during the Protocol shooting

Norman talks began with a series of bilateral meetings, after which the leaders of the four countries gathered round the table.

The beginning of negotiations was preceded by a few minutes of legal shooting. Merkel, Putin and macron involved in dozens of such “photo shoots”, the attendant turned to the journalists. At the same time less skilled in diplomatic etiquette Zelensky focused on the documents prepared, sitting with his back to the cameras. The Ukrainian President turned to the press photographers after Putin and macron drew his attention to it.

Photo: Ian Langsdon/Pool via REUTERS

An honor guard of Putin to the bathroom

Journalists have noticed that in between the Norman Quartet talks, Vladimir Putin was accompanied to the bathroom at least six people.

The corresponding video was published by the correspondent of BBC Ukraine John Fisher on Twitter.

So I’m counting 6 people accompanying Vladimir Putin to the toilet…

— Jonah Fisher (@JonahFisherBBC) December 9, 2019

Emotions Zelensky at the final press conference

The Normandy four leaders went to the press with more than four hours late compared to the original schedule. In Paris it was almost midnight and policies were clearly tired of long rounds of negotiations.

But if Putin is that him and Merkel was operated on traditionally “rounded” diplomatic language Zelensky seemed the most sincere and emotional.

“For me it’s too little” — at some point, he admitted, speaking about the results of the channel summit and looked forward to greater progress.

In addition, Ukrainian journalists drew attention to facial expression and a skeptical smile Zelensky at a time when Putin listed Russia’s demands for Ukraine. Among them were positions that Kyiv considers unacceptable — a change of the Constitution with the amendment to the special status ARDLE and Amnesty for militants.

Photo: Ludovic Marin/Pool via REUTERS

Tough Putin’s statement about the spy scandal Berlin

Politicians to ask questions at the final press conference got the right four journalists from each country the Norman format. The correspondent of the German DPA Agency raised hot for Germany the topic of the expulsion of two Russian diplomats — after a loud assassination in Berlin of the former Chechen warlord Zelimkhan khangoshvili.

According to the German law enforcement authorities, the detainee on suspicion in murder of Russian citizen Vadim Sokolov is actually 54-year-old Vadim by Cristovam, which may be associated with the Russian special services.

Commenting on this issue in the final channel of the meeting, Vladimir Putin burst into a harsh statement, obscurism many.

“You said that he was Georgian. He is not Georgian. […] This man was we wanted, a Thriller. And very hard and bloody people in one of the “actions”, in which he participated, they killed 98 people. He was one of the organizers of the explosions in the Moscow metro”, — said Putin.

He rejected suspicions of the involvement of Russian secret services to murder — they say, “it’s a gang environment, and there can happen, anything”.

The expulsion of Russian diplomats Putin called “incorrect,” saying that “unwritten laws” require a reflex action. “You sent our diplomats, we send your. That’s all”, — concluded Putin.

“After all the polite answers to Putin, the answer to this question, he was a cold — blooded miserable aging monster,” wrote about the remark of the President of the Russian Federation NV journalist Kristina Berdinskikh.

“Lost his nerve” Surkov

The Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov, long known as one of a shadow “curators” of the Russian occupation policy in the Donbas, was part of the Russian delegation at the talks in Paris.

Channel summit, according to the head of the MIA of Ukraine Arsen Avakov, he lost his temper, insisting on the abstraction of the Ukrainian troops along the demarcation line with IDLO.

“Mr. Surkov lost his nerve, he on paper thrown on the table and shouted: “We did not agree”. They offered to breed and then the troops. Where to breed? In Marinka? Where every inch is drenched with the blood. And withdrawal means surrender of our positions for miles. Or in Shirokino, where we began to Mariupol to protect? This is nonsense”, — quotes Avakov, the press service of the interior Ministry.