MAKHACHKALA, October 5. /TASS/. The acting head of Dagestan Vladimir Vasilyev expects that the region will receive additional support from the Federal budget in 2018. He said this to journalists on Thursday after the Russian presidential envoy in the North Caucasian Federal district Oleg Belaventsev presented it in Makhachkala the government and Parliament of the region.

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Biography of the acting head of the Republic of Dagestan Vladimir Vasiliev

Russian President Vladimir Putin received October 3 retired 71-year-old Ramazan Abdulatipov, the head of the Republic in 2013, and appointed acting head of the region’s 68-year-old Vasiliev, the former is still the Vice-speaker of the state Duma and the Chairman of the faction “United Russia” in the Duma.

“This will be additional funding in several areas. I do not want to anticipate events, but I can say that these funds will be budgeted in 2018”, – said the acting head of the region.

Vasiliev also promised, referring on Thursday to the Parliament and the government of the Republic, the Dagestan Republic in the next year will receive “substantial support”, as well as increased attention from the Federal center. According to him, there is an agreement that “in Dagestan will come just those Ministers who had not previously arrived”.

Insufficient attention of the Federal center and the Republic complained to the speakers at the presentation ceremony, the acting head of Dagestan to the government and Parliament of the region. “I was sent to the crisis area, and my economy never said, as you work that it is possible and what is not” – he complained.