The developers have unveiled the world’s first “romantic” sex robot who “likes to be touched ”for the interactive “g-spot” and “breast.” Soon the novelty promise to launch a mass market.

Engineer Sergi Santos
Barcelona showed the world Samantha – his “interactive” sex-bot
which opens the possibility of artificial intelligence in a completely new

Silicone cyborg reacts
human touch easily exciting with phrases like “For you, always
ready”, “nice and gently” and “what next?”.

Santos argues that sex-bot
has a fully functioning parts of the body, it reacts on contact with the thighs
and shoulders.

“She’s different modes of interaction: romantic,
family and sex, says the engineer. – You can touch the thighs, hips, she loves
kisses. Also responds to “g-spot” and the chest” .

Despite the fact that Samantha
programmed for sex, it is important for the strengthening of family ties. At
said Santos, “it has its own order of behavior: first, she is a romantic, then
behaves like a family member, and finally demonstrates sexual fantasies”.

We have previously reported that in Spain opened a public house, where the “staff” are the dolls.

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