At the African Safari tourists came across an elephant lying on its side, and came to the horror of what followed in the next few seconds.

They were able to do
a video in which is seen lying on the side of a huge elephant surrounded by flies. Have
the legs of a dead animal is located two jackals and tear its meat.

Suddenly tourists suffocate
surprise: on the scene appears the third creature. From the belly of the elephant
popped his head a hungry hyena.

“Oh my God, she’s totally there!”
– exclaimed one of the tourists.

Another adds: “She just
wandering inside elephant carcass”.

The video was posted to Facebook,
where one user wrote: “the Jackals outside, hyenas inside. Real
party at the Club elephant!”

Note that hyenas are scavengers
and kill other animals only when absolutely necessary. Jackals also hunt
flocks, but the case can feast on dead carcasses of animals .

Earlier, Arnold Schwarzenegger shared disturbing memories of how he had to go on a Safari.

Reported by Daily Star – translation version
“Russian Conversation”