The mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko has promised that the damaged elements of the bridge between Vladimir hill and the Arch of friendship of peoples will replace within a day.

“Was with experts on our new bridge. From what was found previously: vandals damaged the protective glass film on two fragments of the glass floor. Basic – tempered glass – is not affected. Damaged items will be replaced within days”, – wrote Klitschko on his Facebook page on Sunday evening.

Luzhkov also published on Facebook and on the channel Telegram live damaged cover on the new pedestrian bridge and review the commercial Director of the company-a supplier of glass Alexander Kozlenko. He said that to do that kind of damage was only possible with a heavy object – a hammer, a weight or a dumbbell.

Klitschko believes that the vandals damaged the bridge I love Kiev “and do not create anything, and destroy what others create”.

As reported, on may 25, Klitschko opened a pedestrian bridge between the Vladimir hill and the Arch of friendship of peoples and congratulated Kiev on the day of Kyiv.

“Today we are opening in the capital a truly unique facility! A pedestrian bridge connecting the Park “Vladimir hill” from the Arch of friendship of peoples. This bridge is planned to build more than 100 years ago, and we did it!”, – said Klitschko at the opening of the object.

Active construction lasted 5 months. On the construction of the bridge worked about a thousand builders and specialists.

“I’m almost every day here, check out how things work. And watched as emerges the beauty that we see today. There were, of course, and manipulations of this object, the conversations required or not, this is not like that. But, I am convinced that it will be one of the most beautiful and popular locations of the capital! I can say that earlier similar projects in Ukraine is not implemented!”- he added.

The length of the bridge – nearly 212 metres, it is made of concrete and glass. The coating is made of Guastalla. Weight of metal structures – 460 tons. Only the Central part of bridge (length: 63 m) and weighs 125 tons. She was raised and installed 3 days. The bridge rests on 4 pillars, two intermediate, in which he changes direction, and two supports on both sides of the bridge. The height of the highest support 32 m, the lowest is 22 m.

The cost of building the bridge is 275 million.

“All expenses will be verified, as we do at other sites. And the Kiev research Institute of forensic examinations and audit office ” – said the mayor.

The strength of glass the mayor of Kiev has experienced together with his brother, exchampion of the world Wladimir Klitschko. They both jumped several times, demonstrating that the glass floor can withstand the load. In total, the mayor assured, 1 square meter of this glass floor can withstand a load of 1150 kg.

Sunday, 26 may, vandals damaged two sections of glass on a pedestrian-Bicycle bridge between Vladimir hill and the Arch of friendship of peoples. Considered version of the shooting on the bridge at the bottom.

The mayor of the capital said that the guilty will be punished.

“To say that I’m discouraged, angry is to say nothing! I know there are many detractors to the fact that in Kiev there is a positive change. But such sabotage is a crime. And will have a harsh response. Appealed to law enforcement agencies to urgently determine the cause and to give a legal assessment of the incident,” wrote Klitschko.

Metropolitan police are investigating the circumstances of damage to the glass on the pedestrian-Bicycle bridge between.

According to militiamen, at the time of the experts temporarily limited traffic on this stretch of the bridge.

“Please treat with understanding to such measures,” asked the police.

At the same time, according to the Internet resource bridge for the passage of the citizens blocked. Kiev soldiers rescue service of Kyiv city state administration has provided security at the scene, where he worked for the police and soldiers KARS.