Celebrity reproached that she regularly uses prohibited by the legislation of drugs.

Dan was often accused of alcoholism. Leading responded by that for a long time done with alcohol and not allowed to be drunk either at work or in front of my daughter Polina. However, some still believe that the celebrity uses sometimes even illegal drugs, according to “Russian conversation”.

Recently, Borisov published a video in which participated. Presenter proudly noted that she picked up a beautiful outfit and she was pleased with his performance. However, enthusiasm has not shared her followers who noticed that Dan is too inconsistent and retardation talking.

“Borisova trebbly wild health and mental state, people worry. It is necessary to take action, and not to conceal problems. ALL work, tired ALL the symptoms so wild no one what’s to sell about the hard work ourselves . Moreover, in storis – morning shooting, and there is the same as”, “In yesterday’s broadcast 6 times inconsistent swore, on his own initiative, “do not understand to whom”. Apparently, your followers are the only people in your surroundings who somehow cares about you. Do not spit into the well”, “You’ll see her view and the conversation in commercials for several months, it is clearly not about the common cold and fatigue”, “drinking or something? Well horror in General!!”, “Stop doing drugs! Don’t kill yourself”, such comments left under the post social network users.

She Borisov, of course, denied the accusations, saying that do not consume any alcohol or drugs.