Dancing with the stars 2018



Photo: from open sources

News of show business: season 2 project “Dances with stars z” in 2018 will be aired on 1+1 channel in the autumn.

Who from stars will be released on the main flooring of the country, know very soon. The full list of participants of season 2 “Tancu z with stars 2018”, then read on.

Season 2 “Tanzu s with a stars” in 2018 began with the traditional #танціззіркамиchallenge, in which participants of the new season will pass the dance challenge each other with an invitation to participate in the project. Due to star challenges the entire country will know the names of participants who will enchant the audiences with their incendiary dance on the floor in the new season this fall .

Started #танціззіркамиchallenge and the first declassified their participation in the project of the Georgian handsome, ladies man and one of the most famous bachelors of the country’s 33-year-old Irakli Makatsaria.

Dancing with the stars 2018: it became known who will be the first participant of the show (Video)

Producer and finalist of the Georgian version of “Dancing with the stars” has admitted that will appear in the new season of the Ukrainian project as a participant, and handed challenge of the Ukrainian TV presenter Mary Efrosinina.

And Mary took up the challenge! On his page in the social network star has posted a video in which he agreed to participate in the new season of project and danced incendiary dance.

In addition, Mary handed #танціззіркамиchallenge world famous Ukrainian boxer and winner of the world title in the lightweight Denys Berinchyk.

Who of professional dancers out on the floor, Maria Efrosinina, the audience of the TV channel “1+1” will see in the new season of “Tanzu s with a stars”.

Dancing with the stars 2018: Masha Efrosinina will be the second member of the show

Meanwhile, on his page in the social network Denis Berinchyk has posted a video of the Boxing ring, which has agreed to participate in the new season of the project and performed a few dance steps.

In addition, Denis gave #танціззіркамиchallenge master of sports in sport aerobics and coach Anita Lutsenko.

Dancing with the stars 2018: Denis Berinchyk passed the baton to Anita Lutsenko

Your response to the challenge from Denis Berinchyk was given by the master of sports in sport aerobics and coach Anita Lutsenko. On his page in the social network star has published a video in which sports and dancing on the backdrop of the picturesque Carpathian slopes.

In addition, Anita gave #танціззіркамиchallenge humorist and coach of the “League of laughter” Igor Lastochkin.

Igor Lastochkin took a dance challenge from Anita Lutsenko (Video)

Your response to the call from Anita Lutsenko gave comedian and coach, “League of laughter” Igor Lastochkin. In the funny video, which he posted on his page in the social network, Igor conducts the lesson in the dance hall, confirms its participation in the project and even trying to run Batman.

The comedian gave #танціззіркамиchallenge with the invitation to go to the flooring project, the singer and the soloist of the group “NEANGELY” Glory Kaminskaya.

confirmed its participation and has published a humorous Thriller, which for the sake of participation in “Tancah s with a stars” “solved” with plastic surgery, and her husband plastic surgeon “steals” the ballerina to give his gorgeous feet.

At the end of the video Glory be to accept an invitation to go out on the legendary parquet as a member and throws #танціззіркамиchallenge actor and lead actor in the TV series “Operas call” TV channel “2+2” Pavel Vishnyakov.

And while Paul thinks, has learned the name of a previously announced stars us Dancing with the stars, which will be released on the parquet of the Ukrainian project this fall. As a dancer of the new season of “Tanzu s with a stars” will feature the finalist of the American version of the project and was nominated for the Emmy award Dmitry Chaplin.

With any of the stars in the pair will be dancing a Dmitry Chaplin, remains a intrigue.

I wonder what the new season will increase the number of live broadcasts and star-participants compared to last year. This fall, viewers will be able to vote for 14 star parties and enjoy their dances on the floor.

Recall, according to the rules of the project, professional dancers will be a pair of Ukrainian stars, which in the eyes of the viewers during live broadcasts, have to demonstrate their dancing skills. Performing dance compositions appreciated by the viewers and professional jury, consisting of crowd pleasers: the coach “Voice.Diti” MONATIK, prima ballerina of the National Opera Ekaterina the Kitchen, and choreographer Vlad Yama. Leading the season will be Yuri Gorbunov, and here are the names of star participants and dancers are kept in strict confidence.