The Minister of Finance of Ukraine Alexander danyluk believes that envisaged in the draft state budget for 2018 55 billion UAH will be sufficient for grants.

“Should be enough”, – he said in an interview with the weekly “mirror of the week. Ukraine”, published on Saturday, responding to a question about whether there will be enough for the next year, 55 billion UAH in subsidies.

Speaking about the amount of money on subsidies in 2017, the Finance Minister said that we had to allocate additional money: “Yes, we have allocated additional funds, approximately 14 billion And planned to fit in the allocated amount.”

A. danyluk also commented on the situation with the beginning of the process of introduction of monetization of subsidies for Teplokommunenergo (CTV ). “Already prepared a draft government resolution developed by the Ministry of Finance, which introduces the monetization of subsidies on the level of the CTV. Planned to catch up to the beginning of the heating season, but we took the time to coordinate this step with the other ministries. Because this is a serious, revolutionary change,” he explained.

According to the Minister, monetization is a step “in the move real money, not “paper” to hide anything is very difficult”.

He also noted that to run this process “will take time”. “Running for monetization CTV, we will solve part of the problems and then we can move on. Monetization is a complex process that requires time and effort,” said the Finance Minister.