Two daughters of the famous actor-comedian Eddie Murphy, 27-year-old Bria and 22-year-old Shane, famous throughout the world after the Network got the video with their incendiary twerk.

Girls discovered his natural talent for this dance
has become incredibly popular in the last couple of years. In this regard, Bria and Shane
don’t miss the opportunity to upload another video, which shake
my buttocks.

On another video of the girls dancing twerking in the night
clubs, dressed in evening dresses.

Note that Eddie Murphy is the father of many children. Five
children born in the legitimate marriage of actor Nicole Mitchell, all others are
born out of wedlock.

Note that to dance the twerk strive many movie stars and show business. Previously, “Russian Dialogue,” reported that not have missed this opportunity and the singer Adele . Despite its impressive dimensions, the singer showed his ability during a concert in London. By the way, fans have reacted to Turku Adele with enthusiasm, stating that she performed a few dance steps is no worse than Beyonce or j-Lo.