The daughter of a famous artist at a young age starred in the movie in one of the main roles.

About it reports “Russian conversation”.

Some fans Abdulov was confident that his successor will follow in the footsteps of his father. And so it happened – little Jack has already played a role in the new movie. The film “Love and sax” Alla Surikov admitted that she was looking for a girl about nine years old, who would not be afraid of the cameras and sincerely looked in the frame.

Alla saw the pictures of him and decided to contact her mother. Wife of Alexander brought daughter in for the audition. During which the girl worked well, and it took on the role in the film. According to Alla, Jack obviously inherited the talent of the star father and is absolutely not afraid of the camera. Surikov added that daughter Abdulov can be a great future in film .

It is worth Recalling that the painting “Love and sax” is loosely based on the story “what they are singing About blind puppies.”

Herself Jack when communicating with journalists admitted that some excitement during filming, was present, but she was trying to overcome.