Daughter Olga Freimut was struck by the beauty



Photo: from open sources

Zlata Mitchell surprised fans matured.

Olga Freimut is one of the most popular show in Ukraine. Of course, her personal life is incredibly interesting to the public, as, however, and her loved ones. Despite the fact that the daughter Freimut only 11 years old , it already knows the whole country, as the famous mother regularly appeared on the Golden pages of glossy magazines and social events.

This writes the Chronicle.info with reference to viva.

In its early years Zlata Mitchell has traveled halfway around the world, familiar with many celebrities, and loves fashion. She imitates her star mom and tries to be not less beautiful and stylish than she is. However, in the pursuit of fame and beauty girl probably forgets that she’s only 11 years old.

So, the other day in a personal microblogging Zlata appeared a selfie, which she painted and slightly purses her lips, as a star of social networks. By the way, the photos in the microblog Olga Freimut Zlata looks quite suitable to their age.